Take your business to the streets, literally! With West Coast Facility Maintenance and StreetBond™! Last week we introduced you to StreetPrint™, here. This week we’re all about StreetBond™, so read on: 

What is StreetBond

StreetBond™ coatings put the colour in StreetPrint™ projects, or can be used on its own to produce creative colourings on plain asphalt and concrete. StreetBond™ coatings are based on leading-edge polymer, cement and epoxy technologies designed to withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions. We can create unlimited colours and patterns to suit your needs.

StreetBond™ produces a durable surface that retains its colour and vibrancy, it can be used on all kinds of hardscapes and traffic management applications.
Bike lanes and bus lanes benefit from StreetBond™ due to its long-lasting properties and the ability to create highly visible sections of asphalt that can separate various road users and enhance safety.

StreetBond™ Key Benefits include:

  • Durability & Flexibility | Unlike other water based asphalt and concrete coatings, StreetBond™ coatings contain cross linked epoxy modified acrylic polymers – this means they contain the perfect mix of hardness and flexibility even under wet conditions.
  • Adhesion | StreetBond™ coatings have excellent adhesion properties and are very resistant to peeling, they do not delaminate like most concrete and asphalt coatings.
  • Environmentally Friendly | StreetBond™ coatings are water-based, so although they contain acrylic polymers and other materials – they do not contain any harsh chemical solvents that harm the environment. Asphalt coated with StreetBond™ is fully recyclable.
  • Cost Effective | StreetBond™ has an in-built sealant and doesn’t need reapplying periodically like most systems. It cures quickly, leaving your outdoor spaces ready to use.


Perfect for schools and kindergartens, sports courts and childcare! The colour and design options are endless! Made to last and fast to apply, you’ll be back to playing in no time! 

Look at some of the designs achieved with StreetBond™



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