It doesn’t matter what product you sell, if your business looks tired and uninviting, you won’t see much foot traffic. Brightening up your business’s walls and frontage with paint, and adding nice furnishings, are some good options, but they work even better when teamed up with a floor that entices and appeals too.

Not all floors are the same though, just as their uses aren’t the same. Some floors are for walking on and some cater for vehicles, such as forklifts, trucks and cars, but just because the floor is at our feet it shouldn’t be ignored. The right flooring can not only enhance the look of your business, but can add to the safety of the premises too.

Customer and employee safety is a concern for all business owners and the floor covering is a major feature. The use of anti-slip flooring can prevent accidents from happening.

So, what would be the insider tip for flooring that is stylish and safe? StreetBond™ paving paint. There are many reasons why StreetBond™ is the best, and here a few:

Colour and texture

With a large range of fade-resistant colours and textures, StreetBond™ paving paint can offer style and creativity. Your business’s colour theme can be followed or you could mix and match. A bland concrete floor can look like bricks or pavers, but other textures can be created. Adding flair to floors and car parks has never been easier, and only limited by your imagination.

Non-trip and crack resistant

StreetBond™ boasts a non-trip surface, because of its crack and wear resistant material, and because of its ability to prevent rips from becoming worse. So, you can be sure your customers will stay on their feet.

Repair work

Because rips and damage won’t continue to get worse, repairs can be performed at an appropriate time, not immediately; allowing for weather, work hours, and monetary issues.

Multi-traffic capable

The strength of the StreetBond™ paving paint allows it to be used for foot and vehicle traffic. Making it the all-purpose solution for your business’s flooring needs.


Under normal foot-traffic conditions the StreetBond™ paving paint is long-lasting, and with vehicle traffic it has a one to five-year endurance. If needed, a respray can be applied.


Resurfacing and repairs are both cost-efficient and easily performed. This gives you the reassurance that future costs will be kept at a minimum.


StreetBond™ paving paint can be sprayed on asphalt or concrete, giving your business street appeal.


As an environmentally friendly product, StreetBond™ coatings have passed the requirements the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has for the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Making them not only safe for your feet, but for you as well.


StreetBond™ products meet all state and federal specifications.

So, take the insider tip and brighten up your business with StreetBond™ paving paint and get those customers coming in. West Coast Facility Maintenance is an exclusive supplier of StreetBond™ products.

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