Every school needs a beautiful and functional environment conducive to learning and student development. It should be pleasant, fun and aesthetically engaging, with creative and artistic designs that make students comfortable and happy. Surfaces also need to be hard-wearing to endure heavy foot traffic and the rigours of everyday school life, as well as affordable to fit into tight budget constraints.

Why you should consider a new surface

West Coast Facility Maintenance has all your solutions for asphalt and concrete, we are able to provide custom designs for your school’s facilities that are innovative and will immediately brighten up your school. Instead of expensive refitting, old, tired or boring surfaces can be given a new life with a new coating or a new colouring that will protect and rejuvenate the existing grounds.

Outdoor applications

For your outdoor facilities, like the schoolyard, or thoroughfares between buildings and classrooms, a customised StreetPrint(TM) design on asphalt would immediately give your outside areas a lift. StreetPrint(TM) has a large range of designs and applications for any of your outdoor areas. From simple applications like edging paths to lines or written directions or even large murals and creative projects, StreetPrint is perfect for outdoor use and is able to be applied to your existing asphalt. It has many options for replicating the look of other finishes like brickwork or paving but at a fraction of the cost of implementing those systems. Your new surfacing will be safe, using non-toxic chemicals that ensure your students won’t suffer any adverse effects. It’s also durable and is easy to install, lowering project costs. As well, it will protect your asphalt base, ensuring that your school infrastructure stays viable into the future.

Concrete coating

For any of your concrete work, inside or outside, there are also plenty of options for creating a positive school environment. StreetBond(TM) colourings and coatings are a perfect concrete covering solution that creates vibrant and eye-catching designs that are colourful, innovative and unique. They are safe and easy to apply, helping to protect your concrete, while resisting peeling and environmental damage.

Community impact

Many school surfaces are the first visual point of contact with the community. Using coating and colouring solutions, you can create a positive, unique and colourful environment for your staff and students. The designs are limited only by your imagination and creativity, they can be applied to existing asphalt or concrete for a beautiful, functional finish. Surface solutions for asphalt and concrete can be used for a variety of looks and designs, both indoors and outside, to give your school the appearance it deserves. With a new colour palette and creative facing on sporting or recreation facilities, building facades and thoroughfares and roads, your school will gain a new lease on life. It will increase your visual appeal and recognisability and are even able to be used for logos or crests that will immediately provide recognition for the broader community, raising your school’s profile in a positive way.

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