By now you’ve seen what StreetPrint™ and StreetBond™ are capable of creating, (and if you missed it, check out the posts here and here) now let’s see what DuraTherm™ is all about! 

What is DuraTherm™?

DuraTherm™ is a decorative asphalt surfacing system designed specifically for high-traffic crosswalks. Tremendous durability ensures DuraTherm™ will maintain it’s bold look for many years. Fast installation means minimal community disruption.

Proven Technology

DuraTherm™ is a thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt. It is installed flush with the asphalt, as a result, it is extremely resistant to wear caused by traffic.


Installation Process

Installations are performed by Licensed DuraTherm™ Applicators — owners and employees of professional paving and construction companies who are trained and certified by IPC for this specific technology. In technical terms, a specialized pavement heater gently softens the existing asphalt. Templates, in the chosen decorative pattern, are pressed into the surface. Pre-cut sections of DuraTherm™ are then set into these impressions and the specialized pavement heater is used again to fuse DuraTherm™ to the asphalt surface. The result is a surface that is integral and completely flush with the asphalt.

Key benefits of DuraTherm™

Exceptional durability in high traffic applications results in significantly lower maintenance costs. Minimal Disruption

DuraTherm™ crosswalks can be installed in less than 90 minutes per lane, resulting in fewer traffic disruptions and significant cost savings.

Smooth Surface
DuraTherm™ produces a smooth surface, which is vibration-free and quiet under traffic.

Highly Visible
Bold patterns and colours are ideal for high-visibility and safety-oriented installations.

Customised Designs
Customised designs can also be used to create a unique look for larger, premium products. All that needs to be supplied is a stylised digital image and the DuraTherm™ technical staff will take care of the rest

Beauty and Function in One
The finished DuraTherm™ surface is available in a range of attractive patterns and colours. Communities agree that DuraTherm™ dramatically enhances both beauty and pedestrian safety in their neighbourhoods.

DuraTherm™ provides a wide range of creative freedom that greatly enhances community branding. The flexibility of DuraTherm™ allows for the implementation of custom designs and community imagery.

Want to know more? Let us design an amazing outdoor space, carpark feature or safety solution for you. 

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