Mistakes are commonplace amongst the surface solutions industry and can happen to the best of us. No contractor wants to receive a call from their client stating something went wrong with their finished product. That is why you need to pre-empt yourself with information and expert advice in order to avoid the common mistakes regarding surface solutions for asphalt and concrete.

  1. Disregard of mortar additives

Mortar additives should be an essential part of your paving project, as they allow for a greater degree of strength and flexibility, preventing the mix from cracking. Landscape design trends have been rapidly changing to accommodate larger format paving sizes, meaning the process of installation has also had to adjust.

  1. Form over function

A perfect pavement includes a blend of form and function, however, many designers fall far too heavily into either end of the spectrum, with impractical designs calling for an overabundance of resources, or an unnecessary amount of working time. Unless you know you have full control of your abilities as a pavement architect, a simple mix of high-quality materials will usually be enough to achieve a satisfactory finish.

  1. Future planning

One of the biggest mistakes in paving work involves a lack of planning. While your project may look good right after the job is finished, paving goes through years of wear and tear, exposed to the elements day in and day out. That is why it’s in your best interest to future-proof your project and ensure the paving is installed with care in order to ensure it enjoys a long life.

  1. Discoloration

Specific to concrete, discoloration occurs when neglecting to use the same ingredients from the Ready Mix. There is no doubt this will occur when working with concrete materials at some point in time. Therefore, a good method to get rid of the discoloration is to apply phosphoric acid, it’s a well-priced product which contains low levels of acidity, meaning it won’t hurt your skin if you happen to end up touching it by accident. When used, the phosphoric acid is spread all over the affected area, with a white sheen appearing directly after.

  1. Using cold asphalt mix

A common mistake a lot of inexperienced laborers make specific to asphalt is paving with cold asphalt mix. This will cause the material to degrade over a very short period of time, leaving for an extremely disappointing end-product. Nowadays, a hot mix is the new norm for ensuring a quality asphalt surface.

It’s always important to keep an eye out when it comes to surface solutions for asphalt and concrete, there are a plethora of options to consider when embarking on your brand new paving project, which includes what materials to use, when to use them, the space in which they’re used and more.

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