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Transform dull concrete, plain asphalt or brick paving into colourful, safe, durable and eco friendly surfaces

Whether it’s a play area, sports court, bike lane, bus lane or shop front, West Coast Surface Solutions can quickly turn your concrete, asphalt or brick paving into bright, colourful new surfaces that are safe, durable and eco friendly.


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Along with 10 years experience in surface solutions, we use StreetBond™ — a water-based surface coating that is:

Suitable for concrete, plain asphalt or brick paved areas. Use StreetBond™ to transform dull surfaces into colourful, safe and durable areas.

Slip resistant. StreetBond™ meets all government anti-skid requirements. It has been extensively tested for its skid resistance properties and consistently exceeds State Road Authority requirements.

Durable. StreetBond™ will not peel or delaminate. It provides a colour that is fade resistant, durable and chemical resistant. It can withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions and it’s highly resistant to water damage.

Ecofriendly. StreetBond™ is water based and contains no harsh chemical solvents. Plus, asphalt coated with StreetBond™ is fully recyclable.

Quick and easy to apply. StreetBond™ is dry and ready to use in just 3 hours.

What’s our secret?

Easy to remove. StreetBond™ has a water based solution that makes it quick, easy and affordable to remove.

Made to last. Thanks to a specialised coating that’s based on leading-edge polymer, cement and epoxy technologies, StreetBond™ can withstand a variety of weather and traffic conditions.

Who’s it right for?

Schools, Kindergartens and Childcare Centers

We can turn dull, slippy surfaces into environmentally safe, non-slip, enjoyable play environments for children

Whether you’re a small business owner, local school, council planner or landscape architect, we can professionally apply StreetBond™ to create a colourful, safe, durable and eco friendly surface solution for your concrete, plain asphalt or brick paved areas.

Bike and Bus Lanes

We can help reduce accidents and other road incidents with increased lane visibility

Small businesses

We can add instant curb appeal, with colours and designs that draw attention and match your brand

Sports Courts

We can give your courts a makeover to attract new customers and boost enjoyment for your existing users

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The StreetBond™ solution and its’ application are both guaranteed. If you’re not totally satisfied with the result, we’ll recoat your area for free or provide a full refund.

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About West Coast Surface Solutions

West Coast Surface Solutions (part of the West Coast FM Group) have over 10 years surface solution experience. We know what works when it comes to surface solution products, and how to apply them safely and effectively.

Whether it’s coating a local school playground or a 32,000 square meter area for a stadium, we bring professional, high quality surface solutions that are guaranteed to look great and stand the test of time.


Contact us today for a free, no—obligation quote.

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